Our supporters

Our objective to become a world leader in therapeutic innovation of diabetic kidney disease would not be possible without our supporters.

By providing additional funding and expertise, each one of our supporters has in turn contributed to making the DKC what it is today.

Our innovative work could not have been accomplished without Barts Charity. Set up to support patient care within Barts Health NHS Trust, Barts Charity is able to provide funding for ground-breaking research, state of the art equipment and support the delivery of innovative healthcare projects.

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AstraZeneca is a global pharmaceutical company who have a strong relationship with the NHS as its primary customer within the UK. AstraZeneca drives and collaborates in innovative, high value research and development projects, such as Diabetic Kidney Care, and are responsible for accelerating our clinical studies from a 120 patient group to a 500 patient group, making the DKC the only study of its kind on a scale this large.


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Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. is an international, privately-owned pharmaceutical company, based in Parma, Italy. Chiesi is dedicated to the research, development and sales of innovative, therapeutic prescription medicines in the field of respiratory, neonatology, transplant medicine and rare diseases.

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The NIHR was established in 2006 under the government’s health research strategy, Best Research for Best Health. The goal was to create a health research system in which the NHS supported outstanding individuals, working in world-class facilities, conducting leading-edge research focused on the needs of patients and the public.

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Barts Health Kidney Patients Association

The Barts Health Kidney Patients Association has been established within the Barts Health Renal Department and consists of patients who are able to share their views and expertise on new initiatives within the service. Working with the medical professionals they have provided support and guidance from the patient perspective to help us establish a Diabetic Kidney Care facility suitable for both professionals and patients.

 East London Commissioning Groups (CCGs):

Collaborative working with the local clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) of East London has been a paramount role in the development of the Diabetic Kidney Care service, in line with the Virtual Chronic Kidney Disease initiative. Our supporting CCGs are: Tower Hamlets, City & Hackney, Newham and Waltham Forest.


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