Why donate to DKC?

By donating to us you will be helping us fund ground breaking research into diabetic kidney disease through innovative clinical trials, continue our important work to provide information and training to healthcare professionals worldwide and educate researchers on the latest research, treatments and advice.

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How will we use your donation?



Each donation, regardless how big or small, will help fund our mission. Here are 5 ways your donation could be used by us..





£10 will pay for half an hour of education on diabetic kidney disease for healthcare professionals in our hospitals and across East London




£20 will pay for an hour’s research by our a member of our specialist team in our lab




£50 will pay for a nursing team to assist with a biopsy list to study diabetic kidney disease as part of one of our many clinical trials




£100 would pay for the consumables used for a biopsy list to support renal research


Nursing care

£200 would pay for a specialist diabetes nurse to spend a day caring for patients with diabetes on dialysis

Donate to Diabetic Kidney Care and help us fund vital research

Your donation to Diabetic Kidney Care, whether big or small, will help fund groundbreaking research, and innovative healthcare projects that change lives.

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