Take regular exercise and stay active

Regular exercise helps to: 
- Lower your blood pressure 
- Manage your weight 
- Keep your heart healthy

All of these things will help your diabetes and your kidneys. 

What exercise should I be doing?

Exercising does not mean that you have to run a marathon. Start with gentle activity for short periods of time (10 minutes) e.g. brisk walking, swimming. You should be aiming to make your heart beat and breathing rate a little faster but you should still be able to hold a conversation. As you get stronger you can increase the length of each session. You should be aiming for 30 minutes of activity five times a week.


30 minutes exercise

Try to exercise for 30 minutes, 5 times a week

There are lots of ways in which you can put more activity into your everyday routine:

- Walking to the shops

- Getting off the bus one stop early

- Taking the stairs

If you find it difficult to leave the house you can still exercise at home. For a 10 minute session you could march on the spot, or step up and down on a step.

Exercise is more fun with other people. Ask your GP for information on local groups or get together to exercise with your friends and family.

Top exercising tips

  • ShopWalking to the local shops instead of driving.
  • ShoesTaking a quick walk during your lunch break.
  • BusGetting off the bus one stop early will give you some extra walking time.
  • StairsTaking the stairs instead of the lift. You can start with just a few flights and build up over time.
  • GardeningDoing some gardening. 45 minutes worth of gardening can burn as many calories as 30 minutes of aerobics.

Think Kidneys

Think Kidneys – the national campaign to raise awareness of our kidneys – their importance for life and health and how to look after them.


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